Week 7; Djinn just wanna have fun

We are proceeding into the seventh week of development and things are looking great!

At this point we are leaving the tutorial stage/obstacle course for some time. Of course we’ll keep iterating on the movement mechanics. However, right now we’re busy working on the new arena mode that we mentioned last week! AI, spellcasting and graphics have been the focus for this week, and will probably stay so for the coming weeks. New textures and props are being created for the arena.


The enemies emerge from the entrances of the arena and head directly towards you for the fight. The enemies behaviour work as follow; as soon as they spot you they will chase you and attack you, if you disappear from their line of sight, they will gather in the center of the arena and attempt to spot you.


We are halfway done with the second enemy, the mesh, rig,skinning and AI are done, now we need to create the texture and animations and we are good to go! But as we have learned, animating takes a lot of time, that means that we may not be able to implement the final animation set for the upcoming version.



Which color theme do you like?


As for now we have three regular spells and one spell combination ready, remember that the ideal way to control the player is with a “Gamepad”. The Keyboard mapping is a lot harder than we expected, but we will try to make it as fluent as possible.


Regarding in-game sound, we have been using placeholder sound for the magic attacks due to us not having access to these assets yet, we may use some older ones for this as soon as we are able to access them from the GGC (Gotland Game Conference) project.

But we have some good news, we are in contact with a sound and music producer and he has made us some samples, the work he has done so far is very promising.
So stay tuned by subscribing for newsletters in our website, and the next version will be available for download this weekend!

Don’t forget to leave us feedback so that we can make the game as great as possible!

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