Week 3 Prototyping

A new version is up!

The previous week has been hectic and we had to work on different things from other courses,  which lead to us cutting down on some of the features we were hoping to add.


But we got some of them done (they still need some tweaking of course);

The movement has been adjusted, the walk animation can only be seen using a gamepad.

The jump height has been adjusted and a new animation for the jump has been added.

The jump is now also dynamic, you jump higher if you hold in the jump button.

The ablility to Dash has been added.

The level has been adjusted.


Last time we checked we had 40+ people that downloaded the prototype, but only 14 people giving us feedback. We speculated on the probability that they push the download button first,  play the game and then forget about leaving feedback. So we are trying a different approach now, we’ve have added a feedback button in the game and hope that people remember it. If the number of participants equals the number of feedback given, that would mean that our speculations were on spot.
Next week we will hopefully get some new features up, especially “casting a fireball” which we could not add due to the extra features needed for that, like aiming, casting, hitting etc.

Enjoy this weeks prototype and we appreciate the feedback we receive from you!

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