The Valley

Hey chosen ones!

We are currently working hard on the Naar project, we’re currently in the polishing phase on a new demo for you guys to try out. As soon as we have a stable version ready to show you, you will be notified.

What to expect in the upcoming demo:

A lot of platforming

Two bosses

And little bit of the story


Stay tuned and we shall show you what’s in our cooking pot. The demo will be presented at Gotland Game Conference in May 22-23. And will be available for you to try out around that time!


In the meanwhile we would appreciate it if you could take 5 mins of your time to help us with some research we’re doing for our bachelor theses connected to the Naar project.

We have two tests we’d like you to participate in, one is regarding body language, where you observe some animations that we have created and answer the question.

The other one is about different types of space, and how they can affect player emotions.


Body language:


Space and emotions test:


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