The Mustache Man

First of all, a big thanks to all the people from Imgur who turned up to try out our prototype last week! For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, we made a post at Imgur last week, and a lot of people showed interest and gave us feedback. We even had some people who offered their services with effects, music and voice acting, a special thanks to you guys!


After the arena build release and receiving a lot of helpful feedback, we are currently working on adding more waves of enemies, as well as tweaking the AI and mechanics of the individual enemies. A lot of new animations have been implemented and yes, the mustache is alive, we have now implemented jiggle-physics.


Aside from that, we are polishing all the mechanics to provide with a smoother and more challenging gameplay.

And for all of you who are not comfortable with the camera movement, we have implemented the ability to invert the camera movement in both Y and X-axis! This can be accessed through the menu screen.

We have no plans to implement free aim for this version, but our programmer is aiming to implement a lock-on system, making it possible for you to hard lock onto targets and cycle between them.



During our first few builds we were contacted by Sixten (a composer and sound editor), he jumped in and started to work with music for Naar. He has provided us with two sounds, one for the title and one for the combat. He is is a talented individual as you will hear.


Regarding the different version compatibility, we will try to build for Windows 32bit & 64bit, and Linux. But to be able to build for Mac-versions we need to get a hold of a Mac computers and that is not possible for us right now. We apologize to the people on mac computers who wanted to try out our prototype, and we hope you’ll hang on until we manage to get a version for you to play!

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