Week 4 Prototyping

The Changes made (Version 0.3)



-Player can now cast a fireball spell

-(Added casting animation)

-Added Fireball effect



-New Animation

-Smoke trail added


-Added more target spheres to the map



– adjusted air control


We made a lot of new adjustments and added animations as listed above, we wanted to push out as much feature as we could so that we could continue with more of the planned features.
In this version we added some magic, the fireball is a short ranged attack and is supposed to work as blasting damage. Mid range and long range are in our plan too, and some more of the magic fighting stand in line!

A new dash has been added, and looks better now than before, and we also added some particle effects for the “braking” part of the animation!

So jump in and feel free to blast away some spheres, cones… or some of the “toxic” targets.
Stay tuned for next week’s upcoming iterations!

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