Dev Blog

Week 2 prototyping


First off thank you for trying out our first prototype and many thanks to the people who took the time to leave us feedback!

Last week we were building a prototype around the basic movements, we threw it out for you to try and we read the feedback we received!
We wont be uploading the new prototype this week as we are currently working on new ways to refine the movement and also adding new features.

So why not talk about that?
Right now we have planned to do the following:

Refining the movement further
Adjusting the jump according to height and in air control
Better blending from the Idle pose to walk to run (Gamepad control)
Adding the ability to Cast fireballs
Breakable objects
Adjusting the level

A possible future
A few weeks from now we will be trying out a new magic casting system. One that differ from the previous way of casting (The one used in the GGC). We will have to make some paper prototypes to see if the system work as intended and tweak the different values. When we have established that we will move on to implement the battle where you will be able to fight of enemy hordes! So that’s something that we look forward to and hopefully you too.

But for now, just be patient with us and subscribe to receive the latest news about Naar!

Gameplay Mechanics


We have had a couple of confusing weeks contemplating on which out of several different ways to continue our project.

The original plan was to start implementing the story.

ConceptArt05 How ever, we decided to make an arena with hoards of enemies spawning in waves first. The idea is to use the time to perfect the game mechanics first and then go step by step implementing new things as we progress. When the mechanics and dynamics of the gameplay feels perfect we will start to implement the story and a new level.

ConceptArt03 Everybody in the group agreed that this was the best MVP for our long time goal; release a game demo including the story of the game and polished mechanics next spring. For every sprint we can publish new features and get feedback and collect data from our audience as we work. Every sprint is two weeks. The first sprint we will only have the basic movement features which is moving in all directions and jump. To this there will be a floor with white boxes to navigate around. For the other sprints we release tweaks on the movement based on feedback, combat systems, new enemies and spells incrementally. The finished product will be an arena in which you can fight the enemies (except the boss and a new character). This is a good way of trying the dynamics of the movement, combat systems, spells and the enemy AIs so that we can tweak it even further to perfect the game. We aim at release of the final version including all said features the 18 of December.