They come in waves

The second arena build is finally here! This is our final week before have before leaving for our holiday, and this time id did not end up nice and smooth as we planned it.

We made changes to the spells and added some extra combinations, casting light magic will spawn a shield instead of a laserbeam.

We added more assets to the arena, reconstructed the walls and made some minor adjustments.




The enemy AI behavior has been adjusted and also sped up a bit to provide some challenge.

Health potions now spawn when breaking pots, so plan your battles carefully.

Oh and the waves are endless

Some minor adjustments was also made in the tutorial level to match the current spell casting.


We spent some time with feedback given to the player, such as taking & making damage, we still have a distance to go before we feel completely satisfied with our mechanics, that means that you may still give your opinions on our different features.

Regarding builds for different platforms

First off; when we finally pinned down our last tasks, we prepared to build for the different platforms, but packaging the project failed, we stayed up all night trying to find the solution but did not manage to do it.
When we finally were able to build we were only able to build for Windows 32 & 64 bit, the mac version required a specific file which we could not retrieve. And we have not had time to fix a version for Linux as of yet, we will look more into this for the next version.

If we even touch a variable we wont be able to build anything because of packaging fails, until we solve this we cant build new versions.


The near feature

We will take a short holiday until the second week of January. When the new year begins, we plan to start developing the demo. New enemy designs are incoming and some Naarative will be implemented bit by bit. Our end goal will be to have a complete and polished demo at the end of May, with a new level and more magic to cast!


We hope that you enjoy playing in our arena, and don’t forget to leave us feedback!
Stay tuned for future updates! And we appreciate all the help we received from you!

Week 8 Quick updates

Hey hey hey! We hope that you enjoyed some of the fighting in our arena!

For this week we are going to make a quick update on things that are in the making!

We pushed in our new character model, we call it Simm (The arabic word for poison). A conjured being that is half snake – and half something else! It will always try to keep its distance between itself and you, so try to be quick on your feet!


We also added a target marker to indicate which enemy you are aiming at.

For the next couple of weeks we will work on a lot of polishing based on the feedback we received from all of you. Such as when casting magic, getting hit or hitting an enemy! Before we continue adding more enemies and spells, we need to polish the features currently implemented , and hopefully replace a lot for the placeholders that we still have in the game.


Just as a reminder, this game is mainly intended to be played with a controller so if you are able, consider trying it out for the optimal experience.
Oh and don’t forget to leave us feedback, we really need to know how you feel about our prototypes!

Week 3 Prototyping

A new version is up!

The previous week has been hectic and we had to work on different things from other courses,  which lead to us cutting down on some of the features we were hoping to add.


But we got some of them done (they still need some tweaking of course);

The movement has been adjusted, the walk animation can only be seen using a gamepad.

The jump height has been adjusted and a new animation for the jump has been added.

The jump is now also dynamic, you jump higher if you hold in the jump button.

The ablility to Dash has been added.

The level has been adjusted.


Last time we checked we had 40+ people that downloaded the prototype, but only 14 people giving us feedback. We speculated on the probability that they push the download button first,  play the game and then forget about leaving feedback. So we are trying a different approach now, we’ve have added a feedback button in the game and hope that people remember it. If the number of participants equals the number of feedback given, that would mean that our speculations were on spot.
Next week we will hopefully get some new features up, especially “casting a fireball” which we could not add due to the extra features needed for that, like aiming, casting, hitting etc.

Enjoy this weeks prototype and we appreciate the feedback we receive from you!

Gameplay Mechanics


We have had a couple of confusing weeks contemplating on which out of several different ways to continue our project.

The original plan was to start implementing the story.

ConceptArt05 How ever, we decided to make an arena with hoards of enemies spawning in waves first. The idea is to use the time to perfect the game mechanics first and then go step by step implementing new things as we progress. When the mechanics and dynamics of the gameplay feels perfect we will start to implement the story and a new level.

ConceptArt03 Everybody in the group agreed that this was the best MVP for our long time goal; release a game demo including the story of the game and polished mechanics next spring. For every sprint we can publish new features and get feedback and collect data from our audience as we work. Every sprint is two weeks. The first sprint we will only have the basic movement features which is moving in all directions and jump. To this there will be a floor with white boxes to navigate around. For the other sprints we release tweaks on the movement based on feedback, combat systems, new enemies and spells incrementally. The finished product will be an arena in which you can fight the enemies (except the boss and a new character). This is a good way of trying the dynamics of the movement, combat systems, spells and the enemy AIs so that we can tweak it even further to perfect the game. We aim at release of the final version including all said features the 18 of December.