Al-Dunya, once a peaceful world occupied by humans, now invaded by evil creatures/spirits lead by the most deceitful of them all, Iblis. These creatures, “Djinns”, started to take over the land bit by bit spreading terror over the kingdom. Mokhtar, has taken upon the task to repel this invasion by eliminating Iblis’s lieutenants, one by one. With the king's blessing, Mokhtar sets out on a journey that will never be forgotten, neither by Djinns or humans.

Naar is a third person action-adventure game set in the fantasy world of Al-Dunya, where the evil djinn Iblis has invaded the land of humans. You are Mokhtar, a wizard in training, on the mission to dispatch evil creatures from the land. To do this, you need to discover new powerful spells and use it to your advantage.

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