Plans for spring

Hello everyone, you may have noticed that we haven’t made much noise during the last few months. We took a short break to focus on school, but do not fret, we’ll soon be back with more updates, and this time you’ll be getting more than just arena combat!


We will start with the production at the end of this month, trying the features as we go along, the level build will be released later on in the production and we hope that you stay and try it again.


A lot of feedback have been received from you asking for more platforming, and that’s what you’ll be getting in the upcoming level we’re making! Along with that, we’re also planning to possibly implement some new spells, a boss fight, and even a small glimpse of the story we’ve got in store for Naar.

But until we’ve got most of the new level ready, you’ll be able to try out upcoming features in the arena.


A special thanks to the people that downloaded our game and left us with a lot of feedback and bugs to fix! Hopefully we’ll be able to build something great here with your help! The adventure will be starting soon, and we hope to see you in Al-Dunya!